Vanhunks Paddle Clips

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The Vanhunks Paddle Clips are a great add to any Kayak or storage area, making the area clear on the kayak when needed.

  • Highly durable and not easy to damage or break
  • Very easy to install for easy mounting of your paddle
  • Not in the way of your paddling rhythm
  • Easily mounted in garages and storage areas for use for fishing rods, gaffs etc.
  • Keeps the paddle out of your way when landing fish.

  • Material – Strength Plastic
  • Length – 14.78 cm
  • Width – 3 cm
  • Height – 3.3 cm

Vanhunks Paddle Clips

Vanhunks Paddle Clips

convenient and easy-to-use

The Vanhunks paddle clip is a great add to any Kayak or storage area.

Nice and lightweight and very simple to install the paddle clip instantly solves paddle storage keeping the area clear for landing fish.

Can be mounted on the left or right sides depending on your needs.

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