Do you possess all the essential items you need for a fun kayaking trip?

It doesn’t take a ton of equipment to enjoy this sport, but there are some things you either should or MUST HAVE before beginning. Since it’s a water activity, this will include important safety gear, along with practical items to facilitate a terrific experience.prop drive fishing kayak

Must Have Gear for Every Kayaker

These are the basic items you should get before hitting the waters around Florida. 

  • Kayak - You won’t get far without one, obviously. Fortunately, we carry plenty of single and tandem kayaks, made from the most durable materials.
  • Paddle - Everyone participant should have a paddle, and it helps to keep a spare in case you lose one in the water.
  • Safety Life Jacket - Even experienced kayakers and swimmers must wear a safety vest.
  • Whistle - This helps you signal for help if you encounter danger or get stuck.
  • Dry Bag - You’ll also need a place to store anything you do not wish to get wet (cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.).
  • Reliable Footwear & Clothing - Most kayakers go for synthetic or nylon fabrics, which will dry easier. As for shoes, the best option is to use neoprene booties. These look similar to what you would wear at the beach or other water activities.

Other Recreational Gear to Consider

After that, you’ll want to think about some other optional items, depending on what you plan to do while kayaking.

Many kayakers also go fishing simultaneously. If that’s your ambition, then you’ll need to have all that equipment ready as well. Fishermen should also select a kayak with plenty of room to store everything. We have several spacious options, with convenient storage components, such as our 11’0 Mahi Mahi Fin Drive Fishing Kayak.

Another common concern involves how to transport your kayak (since they’re rather large, bulky, and difficult to carry). We recommend investing in a reliable cart of some sort, including our foldable kayak dolly wheels. If you can get your kayak on wheels, it’s much easier to take it across grass, sand, or other terrain.

Need Help Finding Something? Check out VanHunks USA!

Those are the basics, but if you think of something else you might need, let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Our shop has plenty of options for kayaks, paddles, motors, GPS equipment, and more. This goes for kayaking items and gear for other hobbies like e-biking and surfing.

On behalf of the entire team at VanHunks USA, we can’t wait to help you find all the important gear you need for kayaking around Florida. If you’d like to ask a few questions before shopping online or visiting our store, then call us anytime at 941-323-2442.
October 06, 2023 — Chris Burns