The Kayaking hobby is just like other sports and activities, where the most enthusiastic participants demand high-quality equipment for serious adventuring. In our wild world of watersports, one of the upper-echelon kayaks is the 10’ Zambezi Fishing Kayak, a terrific model for fishermen and paddlers alike. In this post, we’d like to preview this premium kayak, and check out some veteran analysis from kayaking pro, Dan Carns.

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Basic Overview of the Zambezi 10’ Kayak

This is one of our most versatile and durable kayaks. Although it’s not cheap ($1,095), the Zambezi offers plenty of kayaking ROI thanks to its ability to handle any water conditions.

It has both handheld and foot pedal steering, plenty of room for storage, scupper plugs for draining water, integrated sloped rod holders, and several other features. You don’t have to worry about damaging this kayak prematurely since it’s made with roto-molded 5mm polyethylene.

Dan Carns’ Analysis of the Zambezi 10’ Kayak

Dan Carns is an affiliate of VanHunks Boarding USA, and a seasoned pro at kayaking. He’s given his take on why the Zambezi is a terrific kayaking resource for serious fishers and kayakers.

“The 10’ length and the 33’w width makes for steady tracking, super stability, and is very fast. Most of the weekend featured 15-20 MPH winds and the V-shaped bow cut nicely through the waves while the tri-hull below kept the rocking down to a minimum. The V-shaped bow also helps to reduce wave hull slap for those quiet approaches.”

Dan also commends the Zambezi for its ample storage space since “As a competition angler, it’s imperative that I carry all the necessary gear to compete so my seven-rod holder/basket which serves as a bait well fits nicely in the compartment directly behind the seat for easy access.”

Ultimately, however, for fishing pros, the best reason to own this quick and water-adaptive kayak is to move faster than you would with other watercraft. While motor boats can accomplish that objective, they’re much noisier, and scare away fish too often.

Then again, this kayak has something for everybody. Even casual anglers or kayak hobbyists can appreciate the comfortable space in the Zambezi, offering you plenty of leg room and places to store beverages and other items.

Explore this Fantastic Kayak at Our Shop in Sarasota, FL

As usual, we can only do so much justice for our outstanding kayaks with words on a blog page. If you’d like to verify what we mean, then you should come check out a Zambezi in person. While you’re here, we also have other wonderful fishing kayaks, such as the 11’ Mahi Mahi Fin Drive.

VanHunks USA is your top resource for kayaks, SUPs, ebikes, surfboards, and more for limitless watersports fun along Florida’s western coast. We invite you to visit us to check out equipment like the Zambezi 10’ kayak, to see if it really matches your expectations. Contact us anytime to ask questions about any of our merchandise by calling 941-323-2442.
September 22, 2023 — Chris Burns