Are you a budding surf pro, kayaker, or stand-up paddleboard enthusiast?

Then congratulations for entering one (or more) of the best water activities in Florida or anywhere around the world. We’re from South Africa, named our sports shop after a legendary pirate, and have perfected the best watersports merchandise, fit for fun on any of the seven seas.

Here’s what you should know about our operations at N. Washington BLVD in Sarasota, Florida.

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Kayaks, Surf Boards, and Standup Paddle Boards

Kayaking is a lot of fun because you can either use it to get some serious exercise, rowing alone, or in tandem with another pal. We offer four single kayaks, some as long as 12 ½ feet, along with three slightly larger tandem selections. The 13’ foot Orca Tandem, is a truly premium kayak with over a dozen features, including four molded-in tackle box holders, aluminum seating, and plenty of storage space.

Do you need a new surfboard to handle a few waves at Lido Beach or elsewhere around Sarasota?

The Vanhunks BamBam comes in six, seven, and eight-foot sizes, designed to suit surfers of all skill levels. Its rolled polyethylene bumper rails are a terrific safety feature, making it easier for beginners to learn without falling off constantly.

Then if you want to switch from surfing to stand-up paddle boarding, we have a plethora of options made with durable epoxy materials, inflatable materials, and more. The Indiuna SUP is one of our top options for anyone searching for a stable surface for hours of relaxing paddle boarding. Some folks even use these to paddle with their dogs along for the ride.

Don’t Forget Essential Accessories

Then there’s an almost limitless volume of ways to enhance all these items with add-ons like kayak propeller drives, kayak paddles, camera mounts, kayak stabilizers, and customizable seats. We also partner with Garmin to bring you tons of cool water-proof technology like solar tactical watches and fishing sonar.

Finally, we also support your beach-going adventures with handy resources like beach carts, fishing tackle boxes, kayak covers, and anything else you need to keep equipment secure. If you aren’t sure whether we have it, we probably do, so just ask one of our friendly staff to locate it.

Thank you for reading this inaugural blog post from the watersports specialists at Vanhunks USA. If you’d like to learn more about us or anything we offer, please contact us anytime at 941-323-2442.
August 08, 2023 — Chris Burns