Have you seen those folks who appear to be standing on a large surfboard while paddling around in the water?

That’s an activity known as stand-up paddling, something we’re big fans of at Vanhunks USA. Depending on water conditions, it’s a nice medium between rigorous kayaking and merely walking around the beach. Stand-up paddling can be both challenging and relaxing, but you should invest in proper equipment, especially an effective paddleboard.

Would you like to know how to select the right one?

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Choosing the Right Gear for Stand-Up Paddling

  • Board Dimensions - The height, weight, length, and width of your board should correspond to your personal height, weight, and skill level. Newcomers may have trouble balancing on smaller boards, which would otherwise work well for pros who want better aerodynamics in the water. It’s smart for new paddleboarders to talk with the shop staff, being sure to mention experience level and any potential hindrances.
  • Nose Shape - On the nose of the board, you’ll notice a lift section (called a “rocker”), designed to help the board conquer waves. Therefore, the front of the board should look noticeably rounder and angled compared to the tail. Otherwise, you’ll have a harder time cutting through high-velocity waves crashing into you.
  • Tail Shape - There are three common tail shapes: 1) Squash/Box, 2) Rounded Pin, and 3) Swallow/Fish. The first option is great for beginner-to-average paddlers; more than sufficient for smaller waves. Rounded Pin tails are better for larger waves, whereas the Swallow tail is optimal for light paddlers.
  • Materials - The material sophistication for modern paddleboards is pretty impressive. Paddleboards cost more, nowadays, but you get what you pay for with premium versions like the Impi SUP or Indiuna Sup. The tougher polyester boards don’t bend as much, making them more adept for cutting through waves. Others, however, prefer the convenience and cost-effectiveness of inflatable SUP boards. Beginners may be better suited with soft boards, which are comfortable and more than sufficient for paddling on calm lakes or ponds.

Shop for the Right SUP Gear at Vanhunks USA in Sarasota!

That covers most of what goes into selecting the right board, but don’t forget about accessories. You certainly won’t go far without a paddle. We also offer helpful items like saver tape, tie-downs, roof racks, and even a sup dolly to make transporting your board across the sand much easier.

If any of this seems foreign, or you’d like further assistance locating quality SUP gear, then make Vanhunks USA your first stop before hitting the water. Our staff would be more than happy to help you select the right stuff for your new paddle-boarding hobby. Contact us anytime to ask about kayaking, surfing, or SUP-related questions.
August 15, 2023 — Chris Burns