Aluminum Kayak Seat

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Our seats are oh so comfortable and removable, and can be used as a beach or picnic chair when chilling at your favorite beach spot.

With breathable mesh for all-day enjoyment, and adjustable fittings, you’ll feel content chilling back in a reclined position as you cast your rod, and in full control in a forward position as you push your way across bays to get the good ones.

The seating’s raised design ensures you’re not drenched in a pool of spray water collecting in the kayak throughout the day.


Standard Seat: 17 1/4" Deep x 22" Wide x 5" Tall

Raised Seat: 17 1/4" Deep x 22" Wide x 6" Tall

Manatee Seat: 18 1/4" Deep x 20 3/8" Wide x 4 1/2" Tall

*Please Note: The Manatee seat only fits our Manatee 9' Kayak. The standard and raised seats fit all of our Kayaks apart from the Manatee 9'

 *Please note these seats do not float. To secure the seat to your Vanhunks Kayak, used the Bungy cord supplied.