8" Round Kayak Hatch

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The Vanhunks Kayak Round Hatch – an indispensable addition for water enthusiasts seeking adaptable storage and effortless accessibility. This round hatch guarantees a watertight haven, safeguarding your necessities from splashes and dampness. 

Constructed from enduring components, it is tailor-made to endure diverse elements, preserving your belongings in pristine condition. Be it provisions, equipment, or treasures, the Vanhunks Round Hatch guarantees an uncomplicated and reassuring experience throughout your escapades. 

Seamlessly harmonizing with a multitude of kayak brands, this accessory ensures widespread compatibility, effortlessly amplifying your vessel's potential. Elevate your aquatic experience by embracing the Vanhunks Kayak Round Hatch – your gateway to organized and worry-free exploration.


  • 10" diameter
  • 8" inside diameter
  • Handle locking system
  • Replacement hatch for: Elite Pro Angler, Black Bass, Voyager and Orca